Squid Game Star Responds To Comments Saying She's Lost Too Much Weight

Promoting a hit show can take a lot out of you, but this seems like too much.

Most of us have heard of (if not already binged) Squid Game, Netflix’s mega hit from South Korea about a deadly, dystopian competition. The show’s overwhelming success made its stars into overnight celebs in the US, including Jung Ho-yeon, who played Sae-byeok (or “Player 067”) in her first-ever acting role. The cast recently spent several weeks in America promoting the show, and the starlet apparently had a difficult time managing the schedule.

Last week, the 27-year-old posted a photo dump on Instagram of some of the looks she rocked during her American press tour, and fans became concerned. Comments included:

“Girl, are you ok?”

“Your really beautiful but I got worried about the one in the black dress are you okay or eating well take care of yourself you and your health come first”

“I’m not sure if anyone noticed but she looks so tired.”

“Plz take care of your health and nutrition… u r beautiful anyway

“You are getting skinnier and skinnier hope you are happy and keeping well with your general health”

“You’re beautiful but so skinny!!!!!!! Eat something”

can literally see bones”


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It’s always a fine line between genuine concern and body shaming when pointing out someone’s weight on IG. As it turns out, though, Ho-yeon didn’t disagree. Speaking with Star News (via Page Six), she apparently admitted to losing eight pounds over her 10-day trip to the States. She explained:

“There was no time to eat. … I lost way too much weight. All the clothes that used to fit me when I first came are too loose now.”

This isn’t even the first time that Squid Game took a toll on her body (directly or indirectly). In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, the model reflected that during filming, “the experience Sae-byeok had during Squid Game was kind of naturally saved in my body and my .”

Once the series premiered, she revealed:

“I lost 6 pounds in a week when it became successful. I couldn’t eat — it wasn’t stress, I just didn’t know this feeling. ‘What’s going on out there, who am I?’ I was kind of losing myself.”

Wow. We can’t imagine what this whole whirlwind experience must have been like for Ho-yeon, but we hope she’s being mindful and taking care of herself. And that she gets a break from all of the Squid Game madness!

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