Taylor Swift Charms Sophie Turner & ‘Dark Phoenix’ Cast With Wild Car Accident Story — Watch

Taylor Swift told a hilarious story on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ while on a promo tour for “Me!” and her upcoming album.

While we want to hang out with Taylor Swift, 29, we’re not exactly too keen on riding in the passenger seat with her at the driver’s seat anymore! The “Me!” singer stopped by the The Graham Norton Show on May 23 and told a story about how she got not in one car accident – she got in two – with a music journalist during her cover story interview for Rolling Stone. “I’m gonna take [journalist Brian Hiatt] on a day, going to rehearsals, it’s normal,” Taylor described how she prepped herself for the interview. “I’m just gonna drive him ’cause that’s what I normally do. ‘Be your best self at driving.’ I got in two car accidents with him in the car. One was my fault. One was not. One was an ‘I’m sorry.’ The second one was, ‘You’re welcome I saved your life.’ We got side-swiped.”

“I was fully panicking when we got side-swiped,” the singer continued. “He was screaming something like, ‘I have a new baby at home!’ I was like, ‘Oh this is not gonna be a good cover story for me. This’ll be good for people reading it, but not for me.’”

Taylor also described how she battled internally with how she was going to present herself for the interview, but also debated over whether even thinking about that would be “real” enough for the story. Taylor recounted the events to Graham NortonSophie TurnerJessica ChastainJames McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender.

We loved hearing Taylor’s story and can’t wait to hear more from her as she continues promoting her seventh album!

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