The Cambridges are taking another week off from public duties

Remember my confusion about how and why the Duchess of Cambridge seemingly took a month off around Easter? My confusion was because I don’t understand all of the holiday-schedule stuff with the British school system. American school systems are pretty straight forward – two weeks around Christmas, a week around Easter and then about two months off for the summer holiday. Sure, there might be one or two days off here and there, but the only time kids get a full week or two off is for Christmas and Easter. British schools are different. There are summer breaks and half-term breaks and bank holiday breaks and holiday breaks and more. Anyway, that’s probably why Kate recently had a month “off” from public duties – the Cambridge kids were off, and she spent the time with the kids in Norfolk. It also worked out that Kate and Will basically went dark for several weeks as the Rose Hanbury rumors heated up and then got swiftly slapped down by Will’s lawyers. Anyway, another holiday break is upon us, I guess.

The half-term holidays have finally arrived and parents up and down the country are whisking their kids off for a week-long getaway. And it seems the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are no different, after it’s been reported that the royals are taking their three children to the family’s Sandringham Estate for the holidays.

According to the Mirror, the Cambridges are likely to be spending the half-term break at their Sandringham Estate on the Norfolk coast. The 10-bedroom mansion – Amner Hall – was gifted to Kate and William by the Queen after their wedding in 2011.

[From The Sun]

While this isn’t really gossip, I’d just like to point out a few things all at once. First off, I consider it growth that William and Kate don’t pop out for endless trips to Ibiza and Swiss chalets these days. Traveling with three kids isn’t much of a vacation, and I think Kate simply prefers these days to just be at Anmer, where everything is familiar. Second thing I’d like to point out… the Rose Hanbury situation is probably still a point of conversation for the Turnip Toffs, don’t you think? William shut down the newspapers, but he could never shut down the aristos gossiping with each other. And now everyone in Norfolk knows his business. I wonder what that’s like for Kate, having her entire circle of “country friends” knowing about Willy’s wandering sceptre. Last thing: another “week off” but they are the future king and queen!

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