The Duggars: Who’s Courting? Pregnant? Next In Line? [UPDATED WITH EVEN MORE BLESSINGS!]

Counting On is basically the reality TV equivalent of Game of Thrones:

On each show, there are roughly four million characters, and it's often difficult to keep track of who's doing what … or whom.

The Duggars take a slightly more conservative view on coupling than the residents of Westeros, but all the same, courtships, weddings, pregnancies, and births are a big part of what keeps their core audience tuning in.

So here's a rundown of what some of Jim Bob and Michelle's kids are up to these days.

Don't worry – unlike Thrones, the Duggars won't be leaving your TV screen anytime soon. Not as long as they continue to make sure Earth's population growth continues unabated.

UPDATE: The Duggar drama never ends! We'll continue adding the latest developments to the end of this gallery!

1.The Gang's All Here

2.The Next Generation

3.More on the Way!

4.She's Not Alone!

5.The Race Is On!

6.Aggressive Expansion

7.End of an Era?

8.Bucking the Trend

9.Heading West

10.The True Rebel

11.Keeping Their Own Pace

12.Cause For Concern?

13.The Numbers

14.A Definite First

15.Left Behind?

16.They Do Things Differently

17.Up Next

18.A Meaningful Announcement

19.Happy Evidence

20.UPDATE: Anna Is Expecting!

21.Sharing the News

22.UPDATE: Jessa's Bundle of Joy

23.Josh's Gender Question

24.A Savage Roasting

25.Tragedy Strikes

26.The Matriarch

27.Loving Tributes

28.Living on Through Her Family

29.Namesakes on the Way?

30.UPDATE, ROUND 2: So Much Baby News!

31.Bun In the Oven?

32.Lagging Behind?

33.Cat Out of the Bag

34.Another Girl!

35.And Another One!

36.Couple Controversy

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