These Tweets About Hannah G.’s Love Triangle On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Are A Lot

As Week 2 of Bachelor in Paradise comes to an end, this season of the reality dating show is still completely dominated by Hannah G. and Blake. On Tuesday night’s new episode, the love triangle between Hannah, Blake, and Dylan got even stickier by a major revelation, and fans were quick to react online. These tweets about Hannah G.’s love triangle on Bachelor in Paradise show everyone is just as shook as the rest of the contestants.

So far, the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise has basically been the Hannah and Blake show. Blake became an immediate source of controversy when he first walked by making enemies of both Kristina and Caelynn by hooking up with both women prior to the show. When his date choice, Tayshia, learned about his bed-hopping ways, she also pushed him to the side, but that did not stop Blake from pursuing a connection. Blake’s object of pursuit quickly became Hannah G., and the reason for that finally came to light in the latest episode.

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