This Chase Hudson, Landon Barker, Charli D'Amelio Drama Has Become Full Chaos Thanks to Bryce Hall

How do you do, fellow kids? If you are confused about WTF is happening with Charli D’Amelio, Landon Barker, Chase Hudson, and, apparently Bryce Hall, hello and welcome—here’s the deal.

Charli and Landon (Travis Barker’s son) are currently dating, and they went public with their relationship just a few months ago in June—which appears to have upset Chase Hudson (aka Charli’s ex) based on some not-that-subtle lyrics on his new song “All the Things I Hate About You” (which he dropped about a month into Landon and Charli’s relationship ’cause timing is everything).

Lyrics include “Stabbed me in the back like nothin’, never even saw this comin,’” and “You’re a showstopper, bad liar, homie hopper, and drama starter,” so yeah…everyone assumes it’s about Charli and Landon (quick side note to say Landon and Chase were friends before all of this).


So…how did Bryce Hall get involved? He dropped a clip of Chase’s song on TikTok (captioned “hey same @charlidamelio”) with the prompt “put your finger down to what applies to you.” He then put a finger down for “homie hopper,” “showstopper,” and “drama starter.”

hey same @charlidamelio

Oh, and then Chase re-posted him with a duet:

#duet with @brycehall homies not hoppers

And now Landon is out here with THIS:

Wanna bes dissing me

And he’s seemingly brought some random Eminem beef into the chat?

This has been an update, but something tells me this saga has endless legs so…stay tuned for more drama I guess!

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