Tiger Woods Rehabbing To 'Try To Play Golf Again,' Says Steve Stricker

Tiger Woods is gunning to eventually come back to the golf course … so says his pal Steve Stricker, who said Wednesday the legend is rehabbing with the intent of playing again.

Stricker — the captain of the U.S. Ryder Cup team this year — made the revelation during a chat with Dennis Paulson and Carl Paulson, explaining El Tigre has been making strides toward picking up his clubs again.

“I’ve talked to Tiger a lot,” Stricker said. “He’s a part of this Ryder Cup family. He won’t be able to be a captain’s assistant this time around just because of his ongoing rehabilitation to try to get better and to try to play golf again, and that is going well.”

Stricker added, “[Tiger] is progressing. He’s doing well, things are moving in the right direction.”

Many have doubted Woods would ever compete in a golf tournament again after he suffered horrific leg injuries during a car crash last February.

The 45-year-old shattered and broke bones in his right leg — needing a rod, screws and pins to fix the damage — and he was still on crutches and moving gingerly as of July.

Stricker, though, made it clear Wednesday that Tiger is hoping to play again … and has still been very involved in the Ryder Cup process.

“He’s very passionate about this,” Stricker said of Woods. “We’ve had a number of talks.”

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