Time’s Up Disputes HFPA’s Claim They Have Been in Contact

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Australian HFPA member Jenny Cooney said that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had been in contact with Time’s Up after a bombshell story that the organization had zero black members.

Cooney stated they were “having a dialogue right now with Time’s Up” and other organizations. “We’re counting on our partners to say we can’t fix this alone, because we’ve been looking at this from the wrong filter. So we need you to help us find people and bring them in as soon as possible … I really feel like this time next year, we’ll have, I would have to think, at least three or four Black members.”

Now, Time’s Up is responding to that statement…and it doesn’t look good for the HFPA. See the embedded tweet, directly from Time’s Up. Find out a lot more about Time’s Up’s efforts right here.

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