'Top Gun 2' Becomes 7th Highest Grossing Film Domestically Over 'Titanic'

The ‘Titanic’ has been sunk again … because Tom Cruise‘s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ just overtook the legendary blockbuster in the list of biggest money-makers in Hollywood history.

The high-flying sequel, which has been on a roll since its release in May, has now claimed the #7 spot in highest box office sales domestically … clocking in at $662 million in tickets sold, beating out James Cameron‘s 1997 classic by a good $3 mil or so at $659M.

According to reports, ‘TG’ raked in $7 million this weekend … which might sound relatively meager, but considering it’s in its 11th week in theaters right now — that’s damn impressive.

While ‘Titanic’ is in Tom’s rearview, he has many other flicks ahead of him that have made far more money big picture — including, in due time, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Black Panther,’ … which had total domestic hauls of $678M and $700M, respectively.

Some film reporters and box office analysts think ‘Top Gun’ actually has a shot to perhaps surmount those two as the year progresses … but the others ahead of it in line — ‘Avatar,’ ‘No Way Home,’ ‘Endgame’ and ‘Force Awakens’ — are probably safe from being touched.

They’ve made 200-300M more dollars — and it doesn’t look like ‘Maverick’s’ jet fuel will last that long. Unclear when Paramount will yank it from cineplexes, but even if they kept it there through the end of the year … ‘Top Gun’ will like peter out at #5 all-time at best.

Still, it’s a helluva achievement for both Tom and Paramount — and proves there’s still most certainly a desire for folks to hit theaters, even today. They’re just more selective, is all.

Tom’s the king of the world right now, so congrats to him. And also … talk to us, Goose!

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