Tyler, the Creator’s Claim He’s on ‘No Fly Terrorist List’ Debunked by Airline

American Airlines denies that it has a ‘no fly’ list, adding that the Odd Future member was able to go aboard one of its flights on Thursday, September 27.

AceShowbiz -American Airlines has denied that it placed Tyler, the Creator on a no-fly list. A representative for the company has responded after the rapper called out the airline for allegedly putting him on a “no fly terrorist list.”

The “Earthquake” hitmaker tweeted on Thursday, September 27, “HA IM ON @AmericanAir NO FLY TERRORIST LIST WHAT THE HELL DID I DO.” The airline then replied to his tweet, “We’d like to look into this. Send us a quick DM with your record locator.”

American Airlines then stated that it doesn’t have such a list. “American does not have a terrorism watch list. That list is controlled by the FBI,” a spokesperson for the company replied when asked for comment. The spokesperson went on pointing out the evidence, “But since Tyler, The Creator, is flying with us today and was on one of our flights, the tweet is not accurate.”

It’s not clear if the airline has reached out to Tyler personally. The Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All co-founder has not commented on American Airlines’ denial.

Prior to the statement from the airline, fans speculated that the 28-year-old star may have been banned from the airline due to his music. Earlier this month, a student at University of South Alabama was accused of making a terroristic threat after he wrote song lyrics by a popular rapper on a large flip chart in the school library. According to a criminal complaint, 21-year-old Jack Aaron Christensen wrote part of the chorus to Tyler’s track “Radicals” that reads, “kill people, burn s**t, f**k school.”

The star, whose real name is Tyler Gregory Okonma, was previously banned from performing in the U.K. and New Zealand due to his lyrics dating back to 2009. He later claimed that he felt he had been treated “like a terrorist” and implied that the ban was racially motivated, stating that “they did not like the fact that their children were idolizing a black man”. Those bans were recently overturned.

Tyler is currently in the midst of his headlining “IGOR” Tour. He is scheduled to perform three shows in Florida this weekend.

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