Us Weekly: Brad Pitt is ‘a great listener’ with his kids, ‘they love to hang out & talk’

First off, please enjoy the photo of “Brad Pitt” on Us Weekly’s cover this week. Who was the Photoshop Wizard on this one? Did someone get drunk and decide to morph Brad’s face with Leo DiCaprio’s? It’s amazing. Us Weekly’s cover story is all about how Brad Is Fine and he still sees his kids, even though Us Weekly continues to point out (in other coverage) that Brad’s two oldest sons, Maddox and Pax, refuse to spend time with him. But that isn’t mentioned in this cover story, because this is all about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood promotion and The Return of Brad Pitt.

Time makes all the difference — just ask Brad Pitt. The Oscar nominee was in a dark place after he went through a messy divorce from longtime love Angelina Jolie that included a nasty custody battle over their six children: Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, Vivienne and Knox. Now, almost three years after the couple called it quits, Pitt, 55, is focused on being a good father to the children he shares with Jolie, 44.

A source confirmed to Us Weekly that he participates in normal activities with his kids. “They do simple things like cook or watch movies,” the insider revealed.

“He encourages them to pursue their hobbies,” the source continued. “They love to hang out and talk. Brad talks to them about whatever is on their minds — he’s a great listener.”

The Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood actor, who attends therapy, has also turned to art to help him heal. He even spends a good chunk of his free time sculpting in a studio.

“It’s very therapeutic for him; it’s his go-to outlet,” the insider shared. “He can get caught up in it and carried away to the point where he doesn’t want to stop.”

[From Us Weekly]

How low do we set the bar for fathers in general, and divorced fathers in particular? It feels like we’re definitely setting the bar too low if it’s notable that Brad “hangs out” with his kids and he “listens” to them. I guess it is notable considering he did *something* to Maddox which completely altered his relationships with Angelina and all of his kids, so… yeah. Family therapy works, I guess.

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