‘We haven’t made any money’ Davina McCall admits struggle of latest project with boyfriend

Davina McCall gives health update after 'fracturing' her foot

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Davina McCall, 54, has been in a relationship with Michael Douglas since she split from her husband of 17 years, Matthew Robertson. In a new interview Davina has explained why her relationship works so well, despite new projects not making money.

I love doing the podcast with him.

Davina McCall

Davina and Michael have been friends for over 20 years, going public with their relationship in 2019.

They met when Michael worked as Davina’s hairstylist as far back as her presenting days on Big Brother.

Speaking in an interview in this week’s OK!, Davina was asked how things are going with her partner.

She said she has an “agreement” with Michael to not discuss their relationship and it works really well for them.

Instead, the only glimpse the public gets into the couple’s blissful relationship is through their podcast Making the Cut.

Speaking about the podcast, she said: “I love doing the podcast with him.

“It’s basically an extension of what we’ve always done, which is to recommend things to each other.

“Even if we didn’t make any money – which we haven’t really, yet – we would still do it just because we love it.

“People also seem to really love it. But I guess it is the most public thing we do together.”

Davina added that she thinks the podcast is a success because it’s “pretty public” and their “relationship isn’t”.

Davina previously vowed not to speak about her divorce from Matthew publicly for similar reasons to those above.

After a story was published about her divorce proceedings in 2018, Davina took to Twitter to explain why she would not be commenting.

She tweeted at the time: “Just for the record I have not and never will discuss my divorce .. money /kids/terms NONE of it with the press so whatever is out there is not from me (and is rubbish) This is to protect our kids.”

Davina and Matthew married in 2000, shortly before she began hosting Big Brother.

The couple had three children together, Holly, Tilly and Chester.

Davina recently returned to our screens on the new series of the Masked Singer UK.

Ahead of the ITV series, the panel member admitted that she is ready to stop “giving a damn” now that she’s in her 50s, after the star faced social media backlash due to her racy outfits.

The mum-of-three spoke about “shedding the shackles of inhibition” as she entered the next phase of her life in an interview with Women’s Health UK.

On the subject of embracing her 50s, she told the publication: “It’s a time of liberation. It’s a time of shedding the shackles of inhibition and of giving a damn…

“Because I haven’t always felt like that. It’s not just being on telly and it’s not just being a show-off.

“It’s that I don’t really care what people think, which is very liberating.”

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