Wendy Williams Accused of Not Posting Social Media Posts by Herself: ‘Someone Else Is Doing This’

It’s also reported that the producers of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ ‘are livid’ about her ‘latest stunt’ upon learning of new posts on her personal Instagram account.

AceShowbizWendy Williams‘ new posts on her personal Instagram account apparently have raised some eyebrows. “The Wendy Williams Show” host has been accused of not posting her latest social media posts by herself.

A pal of the 57-year-old TV hostess claimed to Radar on Friday, February 18 that she didn’t upload her posts by herself. “Wendy doesn’t know anything about social media. She doesn’t know how to post videos which means someone else is doing this which is terrifying,” the insider claimed.

The informant also spilled to the outlet how the talk show producers reacted to Wendy’s Instagram posts. “You can’t have it both ways. You are either too sick to sit in a purple chair for an hour each day on TV or you are not,” the source pointed out. “Can you imagine if you called in sick for six months and then popped up on video in Florida skipping down the beach? You would be fired.”

“At this point, Wendy is making fools out of all the hard-working people who show up for work each day even when they are not feeling great,” the so-called insider insisted. “The show’s producers are livid about this latest stunt.”

“For months producers have been begging Wendy to record a short message addressing fans,” the source shared. “Her show account has almost 2 million followers, while this new personal account only has 14,000.” In fact, Wendy now has more than 16,700 followers.

The insider went on saying that Wendy “is surrounding herself by people giving her bad advice.” The informant continued, “What is she doing? She needs to be working with the people at her show, not going rogue on her own.”

Previously, Wendy appeared to respond to allegations that her beach video is old. In the clip, she said that she’s 56 years old, while she’s now 57 years old, and talked about her mother being in Florida, while her mother had died.

One day later, the talk show queen updated her page with new photos featuring her with her father on his 91st birthday. Her publicist also insisted that the video was taped on February 16 morning. The rep confirmed to Page Six that the author just misspoke about her age in the video and meant her mother is buried in Florida.

In her beach video, Wendy herself vowed that she’ll return to her iconic purple chair, noting that she’s “going back stronger.” In the clip that saw her enjoying a casual stroll on a windy beach with her son Kevin Hunter Jr., the TV hostess also assured her fans that she’s “doing okay.”

Wendy has been absent from her daytime show since last September due to her health issues. More recently, it’s reported that Sherri Shepherd will take over the show as a “permanent guest host” for the rest of the season, which is something Wendy never gave the go-ahead for.

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