‘Where the real responsibility lies’ Emmerdale’s Mark Charnock on struggles of stroke plot

Emmerdale: Mark Charnock on prepping for stroke scene

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Mark Charnock, 53, is known for his role in ITV’s Emmerdale as Marlon Dingle, after first appearing on the Dales in 1996. Now, after Marlon suffered a stroke, Mark has reflected on the “responsibility” of portraying the “traumatic” scenes.

Speaking to Express.co.uk and other media outlets, Mark highlighted that in real life each stroke presents itself differently.

By taking on the recent storyline, Mark committed to accurately representing the medical condition for those who have actually experienced it.

Mark explained: “Each stroke is profoundly different.

“For the story we’re telling, there will be 99 other people who say, that is not what happened to me.

“You can only tell the one story and hope that you represent faithfully what happens afterwards, and what people will have to go through.

“That is where the real responsibility lies.”

Elsewhere in the discussion, Mark explained that the stroke was a “distressing” and “traumatic” experience for Marlon.

However, he pointed out how the incident will inspire Marlon and his partner, Rhona Goskirk, to “get their lives back.”

The actor also expressed hopes that the plot will inspire viewers to improve their lifestyles.

Mark said: “There’s a great deal of hope that things can only get better from where they are, there’s positivity to be had from it too.

“So hopefully apart from it being distressing, traumatic for the characters, also it will inspire them to get their lives back.

“And hopefully it will inspire the people watching to maybe change their lifestyles a little bit in order to head this off before it happens to them because it happens to so many people.”

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Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona Goskirk, Marlon’s love interest, described the character’s stroke as “a bump in the road” for the couple.

She said: “And Rhona is just doing her best, I mean, like I said every day is a new challenge and I’m sure there’ll be more bumps in the road further down the line.

“The timing of Rhona’s own mother arriving in the village has been great, even though it’s been challenging because they don’t necessarily get on. It’s that extra pair of hands who help.”

She continued: “So there’s a network of people that she’s leaning on and April’s got Bob as well. It’s day by day.”

Zoe has previously spoken out on her character’s “though” storylines and how they affect her personal life.

She told The Sun in 2019: “Tough storylines can be heavy going.

“Rhona, my character on Emmerdale, has been through a lot, including rape and a hysterectomy.

“But when we cover difficult subjects there’s a really good rapport between the actors and crew as soon as the camera stops rolling.”

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