Who Is Sebastian Yatra? There’s A Good Reason The Jonas Brothers Were Down For A Collab

The Jonas Brothers are featured on a hot new cross-cultural collab called "Runaway." It’s their Latin music debut and they even sing a little in Spanish. *Squeals* The three-and-a-half minute track with a catchy beat and vibrant music video to match also features Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha. But the genius linking all of these artists together is Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra. He’s 24 and on his way to chart-topping greatness. With over 10 million YouTube subscribers and 15 million Instagram followers, I can’t help but wonder exactly who is Sebastián Yatra? How did he come to work with the Jonas Brothers? And, how come I’m just finding out about him? Well, I’ve scoured the internet for some background info and I’m dishing it out right here.

Early Career

Yatra is a 24-year old singer. He was born in Medellin, Colombia, but moved to Miami at the age of five. According to his bio, Yatra started focusing on his "academic" and "artistic" studies at an early age. As Top40-Charts further details, Yatra focused on piano, guitar, and vocal technique, though he was also pretty good at soccer. He reportedly quit the latter to focus on music. Is it bad that I’m kinda glad he did?

While Yatra is just beginning to heat up the charts in the US, he’s already well-established and respected in Latin America. In 2016, he had his breakout hit with the banger "Traicionera." The word means "traitorous" and the video, which has 434 million views, is hot. Here for it.

Yatra Performed With Halsey Last Year

If the Colombian singer looks just a little familiar, maybe it’s because he performed with Halsey at the 2018 Latin Grammys. The pair hit the stage for a two-part medley, singing Yatra’s most popular love ballad, “No Hay Nadie Mas” (translation “My Only One"), before singing Halsey’s "Without Me."

Halsey, like the Jonas Brothers, also sang in Spanish for the duet. Yatra sure has a special way of making other artists bilingual and I don’t hate it.

The duo totally sizzled on stage and together showcased how love songs, regardless of the language, can be so powerful and moving.

How Did Yatra Come To Work With The Jonas Brothers?

According to a statement, Yatra met Joe Jonas about six years ago. "I had the chance to meet [the Jonas Brothers] when I was 18 at a bar," Yatra said. "It was pretty random, but I got to speak with Joe a little bit. I was just starting off my career, and I really liked their vibe and their energy," he explained. "I was kind of putting that goal for myself, of one day being able to sing to audiences that love your music, just as they did, but it never fit into my head that there would someday be the possibility of singing next to the Jonas Brothers. That makes it so much more special, being here six years later, next to Joe, next to Nick, next to Kevin, enjoying this video, ‘Runaway,’ where you can see that we had an amazing time."

The colorful video is so fun to watch, especially when the Jonas Brothers explode on the scene in all neon garb. It’s hard to believe the track almost featured Joe Jonas as a solo act. In an interview with Billboard, Yatra explained how Nick and Kevin wound up joining the project.

"The story of this song started two years ago. We wanted to include someone from the mainstream market because the chorus is in English,” said Yatra. "After Joe recorded his part, Natti Natasha laid the female vocals. After Natasha’s close friend Daddy Yankee heard the track, he asked to contribute a few bars and then the remaining two JoBros followed suit."

I’m so glad they did, because "Runaway" is my new summer jam. If anyone needs me, I’ll be at my desk smashing the "replay" button all-day.

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