Will Armie Hammer Be Recast in ‘Death on the Nile?’ Source Speaks to Disney’s Plans

Armie Hammer has been dropped from projects left and right in recent weeks after a series of disturbing alleged DMs were released earlier this year.

This month, a woman came forward and alleged Armie raped her and held her against her will for hours.

So far, Armie was dropped from the upcoming movie Shotgun Wedding, the Paramount+ series The Offer, and the upcoming spy thriller Billion Dollar Spy.

Now, all eyes are on Disney and their upcoming film Death on the Nile. This is one of two movies Armie actually completed before the pandemic that is ready to be released. Death on the Nile, the sequel to Murder on the Orient Express, was recently postponed from a 2021 release date to Valentines Day weekend, 2022.

Many are wondering how Disney will proceed in light of the allegations against him.

His role is “significant to the point of being the film’s male lead,” Variety reports. “The studio is not currently considering a reshoot or recasting his role.” It’s unclear if they will still release the film as planned.

Variety also mused that Armie is likely contractually obligated to promote the film, but likely would not be asked to do so in light of the allegations against him.

You can watch the trailer for Death on the Nile right here.

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