Zara Holland's boyfriend avoids jail for attempting to flee Barbados with Covid

Zara Holland’s boyfriend has avoided jail after attempting to flee Barbados when he tested positive for Covid-19.

Elliott Love was given a £3,000 fine by a court in Barbados after initially facing up to a £18,000 fine or a year in prison for breaking the island’s strict Covid-19 rules.

After Love Island star Holland, 25, flew back to the UK while her boyfriend remained in an isolation centre, Love was seen attending court after being questioned at Hastings Police Station.

The 30-year-old had tested negative for coronavirus after initially testing positive back in December, and was summoned to court charged with breaking Covid laws.

Love dodged a jail sentence and was given a fine that was £1,500 less than his girlfriend’s, despite having tested positive for Covid-19 before he attempted to leave the country.

Defence attorney Harry Husbands asked the court that Love be treated differently because he was a ‘simple guy’ who owned a small demolition company and worked for £450-a week.

The magistrate said Love had been reckless since he had tested positive and had placed a taxi driver who drove him and Holland to the airport and his family’s life in danger. 

Love, who has been in a relationship with Holland since 2016, is now believed to be free to leave Barbados after spending a week in the Paragon Isolation Centre, which is a transformed military base.

He tested positive for coronavirus after arriving in Barbados last Sunday, and Love and Holland were instructed to remain in their room at the Sugar Bay hotel until they were taken to a quarantine centre.

However, the pair left the hotel in an attempt to catch a flight back to the UK, and were intercepted by police at the airport. 

Barbados, which has only had 780 Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, has very strict rules in place. Visitors to Barbados from high and medium risk countries must have a test before they arrive and another when they arrive, and restrict their movements while awaiting the results.  

If the result is positive, then the person is assessed at a government facility for a minimum of 24 hours; after this there is the option to self-isolate at your own expense or go to a government isolation location, such as the Paragon Military Base.

Returning home or resuming your holiday before recovery is forbidden. 

Holland was charged with breaching quarantine rules but avoided jail, instead being given a £4,417 fine, with her lawyer saying that the former Miss Great Britain accepted ‘full responsibility’ for her actions. 

Her lawyer Mr Pilgrim said Holland made a ‘foolish error’ and argued that Holland and her boyfriend were worried about their status in the country, hence why they tried to leave.

Mr Pilgrim told the court that reality star Holland was involved in a lot of charity work in the UK, including helping children with cancer, and said she had the utmost respect for the people of Barbados and had been holidaying on the island twice a year for the last six years.

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