David Harbour Has Good Reason Why He Shares ‘Black Widow’ Spoilers With ‘Stranger Things’ Bosses

The ‘Hellboy’ actor opens up on the real reason why he had to reveal details of his character in the Scarlett Johansson-fronted Marvel movie to TV producers Matt and Ross Duffer.

AceShowbizDavid Harbour shared spoilers about his “Black Widow” character with his “Stranger Things” bosses to ensure they didn’t come up with similar storylines.

Since his TV character Sheriff Hopper was in Russia at the end of the third season of “Stranger Things”, the actor wanted to make sure his Russian “Black Widow” character, Alexei Shostakov, would be significantly different.

Harbour knew he was taking a chance in spilling top secret details from the Marvel movie, but he also knew he had to tip off “Stranger Things” co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer.

“The circle of secrets contains other people that keep secrets,” he told E! News. “I felt like I could share Marvel secrets with them because, you know, they understand how to desperately keep a secret and the power of that.”

He also sent the Duffers production and costume photos to make sure the two characters would be nothing like each other.

“Both things also take place, at one point, in a Russian prison,” he shared.

“One of my biggest concerns though is that I want to make them different,” he said. “The most obvious parallel is that they’re both father-figures in a sense, and in a weird way, they’re both father-figures to adopted daughters.”

He explained his “Black Widow” character is, for one thing, louder and hairier than the sometimes hot-tempered small-town sheriff he plays on TV.

“Alexei’s narcissism, even his loudness of personality, even the amount of hair he has on his body is, like, all of it is trying to make this character behave much differently based on these set of circumstances, based on these traumas,” Brit singer Lily Allen‘s husband added.

However, he refused to spill details on the highly anticipated action film or the Netflix series to friends and family, saying, “There’s people who really want to know and I just wouldn’t tell them anything.”

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