It: Chapter Two reveals terrifying Pennywise return to horror franchise

It: Chapter Two is the second in the series of movies retelling of the Stephen King horror novel.

The first film, simply called It, or It: Part 1 – The Losers’ Club, was released in 2017 to much fanfare.

And this year will see the release of the second part, which is set 27 years after the first movie.

The spooky trailer was released today, which sees The Losers’ Club return to Derry, all grown up.

In the first film, the characters were children, and the actors that played them will star in this sequel.

However, the adult versions of the characters are played by big stars, including James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain.

The trailer starts with Jessica’s character Beverly Marsh returning to her old home and speaking to an elderly woman, Mrs Kersh.

It’s clear something isn’t right and it’s soon revealed that Mrs Kersh is actually a seriously creepy monster.

“That trailer is the most creepy trailer I’ve ever seen”

Twitter user

The trailer goes on to show The Losers’ Club in Derry, being terrorised by Pennywise The Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgård) once again.

Red balloons can be seen throughout, as can the terrifying face of the iconic clown.

The trailer was premiered on YouTube and has already amassed more than 350,000 views in less than an hour.

Fans of the franchise have taken to Twitter to share their excitement about the film.

One said: “It: Chapter Two is about to do what it’s about to do and show some of the other horror film sequels (with promising first films) what they should’ve done.”

Another said: “That trailer is the most creepy trailer I’ve ever seen, that whole old lady part was unsettling. Can’t wait!”

It: Chapter Two is set for release September 6.

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