Jimmy Kimmel Tells Leslie Odom Jr. There Are No Mean Tweets About Him: 'And You Killed Hamilton'


Leslie Odom Jr. is one likeable man!

On Wednesday evening, the 39-year-old actor and musician appeared virtually on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was told by host Jimmy Kimmel that he is apparently immune to receiving any harsh critiques on social media.

During the interview, Kimmel, 53, explained that he wanted the Hamilton star to take part in the show's popular "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" segment, but the late-night host told Odom Jr. that the segment couldn't happen because, as he told his guest, "there are no mean tweets about you."

"Regularly, we will ask our celebrity guests to read mean tweets … and we wanted you to be a part of that," Kimmel told Odom Jr. "Well, we did a lot of research and found that there are no mean tweets about you. None! And you killed Hamilton."

Odom Jr. laughed at the revelation, before Kimmel then joked, "Of course, now that I said this, there are going to be many, many mean tweets about you."

Also during his time on the late-night show, Odom Jr. spoke about his recently released film, One Night in Miami, and his portrayal of music icon Sam Cooke.

When asked by Kimmel if he knew that he could pull singing and sounding just like Cooke, Odom Jr. said that it was not something he expected he would even have to do.

"Oh my God, no," he began. "I mean, I had done my fair share of trying to sound like Sam Cooke in the shower and my car, but they knocked me for a loop when I got the gig."

"These recording sessions started showing up on my calendar, like two weeks after I got hired, and I called my team and said, 'What are these recording sessions for?'" he continued. "And they said, 'Leslie, you have to record the Sam Cooke stuff.' And I said, 'I'm singing the Sam Cooke stuff?'"

Then, referring to other actors who have portrayed music stars and not recorded their own vocals for the parts — such as Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody — Odom Jr. added, "We've seen brilliant actors take on people with signature voices and lipsync, and we buy it, so I couldn't believe that they wanted me to sing it too."

Last year, Odom Jr. opened up to PEOPLE about the film, which he stars in opposite his wife, Nicolette Robinson.

In the movie, Robinson, 32, plays Barbara Cooke, Sam's wife, as the story follows the one-night meeting of Cooke, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X and Jim Brown amid the civil rights movement.

"More than ever, we are focused on creating work that is meaningful to us, that is speaking to authenticity in what you're feeling and putting your time into things that really feel worth it," Robinson told PEOPLE at the time.

Odom Jr. added that the film, which marks Regina King's directorial debut, is something he hopes the pair's children will one day see and make them proud of their parents.

"Exactly. Things that'll stand the test of time," Odom added. "Whether it's holiday albums or movies or whatever — especially in this phase of our lives, having these kids, we're trying to do things that make not only ourselves proud but one day hopefully make them proud of what Mommy and Daddy did."

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