New ‘No Time to Die’ Set Photos Spark Rumor Bond Has a Child

The 007 agent’s offspring speculation surfaces after Lea Seydoux, who returns as James Bond’s love interest, looks distraught and Lashana Lynch is looking for a young child during the filming in Southern Italy.

AceShowbiz -Does James Bond have a child? While plot details of “No Time to Die” are still kept under tight wraps, new rumor has circulated online teasing the possibility that the next movie will feature the 007 agent entering fatherhood.

The speculation sparked after new photos from the set leaked online, showing Lea Seydoux, who reprises her role as Bond’s love interest Madeleine Swan, looking devastated and crying during the filming in Southern Italy.

Description for the pictures read, “Lea Seydoux appears upset as she films for James Bond – ‘No Time to Die’ in Southern Italy. Director Cary Fukunaga had to take the French actress aside to console her as she clutched a tissue.” There’s also a photo showing Seydoux’s character having “an intense chat on a walkie talkie.”

Lea Seydoux is consoled by director Cary Fukunaga on the set of ‘No Time to Die’.

Also spotted on the set was new cast member Lashana Lynch, who is going to play a new 007 agent. She’s reportedly filming a scene in which the agent is wielding a gun and looking after a mystery young child. The child in question is rumored to be Bond’s child, though the missing child plot could be added only to raise the stakes in the upcoming movie.

Lashana Lynch is spotted on the set of the new Bond movie.

In the 25th installment of the Bond film franchise, Lynch will reportedly be introduced as the next 007 as Daniel Craig‘s Bond is rumored to be enjoying his retirement in Jamaica early in the movie. However, when his old friend Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) from the CIA turns up asking for help, Bond comes out of his retirement to rescue a kidnapped scientist, according to reports.

Rami Malek will portray the main villain, with Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Billy Magnussen also starring in the movie, which is due out on April 8, 2020 in the United States.

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