New Wonder Woman: 1984 Japanese Trailer Shows Off More of Gal Gadot's Golden Armor

The new Japanese trailer for Wonder Woman: 1984 is serving up extended fight scenes from the upcoming film.

The new trailer for the film debut on Friday, showcasing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman flying through stormy clouds on her lasso of truth.

The character’s new gold armor also takes center stage, with extended fight scenes showing the superhero fighting off villains while flipping through the air.

Some scenes from the trailer also include Chris Pine’s character Steve Trevor joining in on the action, punching enemies on moving cars as Wonder Woman uses her lasso to fly through the air on clouds in broad daylight.

In the upcoming sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman, Gadot’s character is taking on two new foes: Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) and The Cheetah (Kristen Wiig).

The movie also sees the return of Robin Wright’s Antiope and Connie Nielsen’s Hippolyta, the aunt and mother of Diana/Wonder Woman, respectively.

While the film was intended to be released on June 5, it was pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic: first to August, then to October before finally landing the current Dec. 25 release date.

"First and foremost let me say how much Gal [Gadot] and I love all our devoted Wonder Woman fans around the world, and your excitement for WW84 couldn't make us happier or more eager for you to see the movie," director Patty Jenkins said of the change in a statement obtained by THR.

She continued, "Because I know how important it is to bring this movie to you on a big screen when all of us can share the experience together, I'm hopeful you won't mind waiting just a little bit longer. With the new date on Christmas Day, we can't wait to spend the holidays with you!"

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