Rotten Tomatoes introduces 'verified' audience reviews

Starting this week, you’ll be able to tell how many Rotten Tomatoes reviews come from people who have actually seen the movie. The movie review aggregation site rolled out some changes on Thursday. Foremost among them is that the audience rating system will now feature “verified” badges for users who are confirmed ticket buyers for the film they’re reviewing.

To begin with, this will be done through Fandango. Rotten Tomatoes users who purchased their movie tickets on Fandango can opt-in to get their review “verified” — in fact, this will totally take over Fandango’s previous five-star rating system. Theater chains like AMC, Regal, and Cinemark are set to join the system later this year. All visitors to the Rotten Tomatoes site will be able to post reviews and ratings, but now it will be easier to tell the difference between genuine opinions and trolls.

This change comes a few months after the release of Captain Marvel, which was bombarded with negative reviews and comments on Rotten Tomatoes even before its release. In response, the site removed its pre-release review option. These latest changes are another effort to distinguish good-faith criticism from uninformed grudges.

Aside from the Audience Score, the other main pillar of Rotten Tomatoes is the Tomatometer, which compiles movie reviews from professional critics. The site has been working on changes to the Tomatometer for the last several months, with the aim of boosting critic diversity and focusing on the qualifications of individual critics rather than the publications they write for.

Below, check out images of what the new system will look like in practice.

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