Tom Holland Felt "Incredibly Unfit" Filming 'Spider-Man: Far From Home:' Here's Why

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters in less than a month, and as fans anticipate the follow-up to this year’s biggest blockbuster – Avengers: Endgame – Tom Holland continues tackling this press tour with an unbelievable degree of stamina (incessantly facing questions concerning his relationship with Zendaya, as well as Mysterio’s true intentions).

From discussing the details of his relationship with Mysterio in one country to divulging information concerning his diet and workout regimen in another, fans have been getting their needed dose of Tom Holland with their morning cup of coffee.

While Tom Holland may seem full of energy, he found himself struggling quite a few times while on the set of Far From Home. During an interview with Margaret Gardiner –  a South African journalist and winner of 1978’s Miss Universe – Tom Holland explained why he felt “incredibly unfit” while filming certain scenes for the movie, and how the physical transformation needed for the film negatively impacted his athletic performance capability on set.

Tom Holland talks putting on weight for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

While most actors who play superheroes are forced to put on several pounds of muscle weight to accurately embody their characters – think Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, or Henry Cavill as Superman – Spider-Man has always been the leaner hero, whose competence centers around agility, speed, and quick-thinking (similar to that of Black Widow), as opposed to sheer force.

Though Peter Parker is the geekier hero whose lean frame coincides with his characterization, Tom Holland needed to bulk up for Spider-Man: Far From Home, since “Peter Parker is older, he’s stronger, he’s fitter,” explained Holland.

Though Tom Holland bulked up for Spider-Man: Far From Home, he explains that he would not do it again, for he didn’t feel any fitter, nor did he “enjoy the bulking process.” Holland explains that he felt “thicker and a bit chubbier in the face,” without feeling like he looked any better. However, his appearance wasn’t the only drawback associated with the bulking process. He goes on to explain why bulking up led to issues on set, specifically during scenes demanding cardiovascular strength.

Tom Holland on his difficulty gaining weight, and a subsequent lack of cardio workouts

During the interview, Tom Holland states that he “should have just done some more running.” Tom Holland goes on to explain that he finds it “quite hard to put weight on;” meaning, in preparation for Spider-Man: Far From Home, cardio-oriented workouts were dished to the curbside.

Tom Holland tells the interviewer that he did “no cardio work at all” when getting into shape (if you can call it that) for Spider-Man: Far From Home. As a result, whenever Holland had “to do cardio” for the film, he was “incredibly unfit.” Based on Holland’s difficulties with this past film, he does not plan to retake a similar approach, if he were to play Peter Parker again.

Moving forward, if Tom Holland continues to play Spider-Man, he will stay true to his leaner frame. Tom Holland “loved working with his trainer,” yet will likely incorporate a lot more cardio into his workouts when preparing for Spider-Man films. And, if he doesn’t bulk up, well, so be it. Not all bodies are built the same.

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