Watch a Harrowing Escape in ‘Run’

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A teenager’s bedroom becomes an escape room in the thriller “Run,” streaming on Hulu. Kiera Allen plays Chloe, a wheelchair-user whose mother (Sarah Paulson) has locked her in. The stakes are high for her escape, and the how of it involves a different set of techniques than would be needed for a nondisabled person.

In this video, the film’s director, Aneesh Chaganty, says the sequence is something of a microcosm for what he was trying to do with the entire film: “take a normal house and turn every single element of that house into a massive, Burj Khalifa-scale obstacle.”

Chloe “MacGyvers” several objects from her room to aid her in breaking free. Chaganty discusses the meticulous storyboarding of the scene, as well as how he took cues from Hitchcock, M. Night Shyamalan and, for one nifty trick, a friend’s glassblower father.

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