'Wonder Woman 1984' Poster Goes Wild, Unveils New Costume

Patty Jenkins just dropped one of the coolest superhero posters I’ve ever seen, bursting with color. It’s for Wonder Woman 1984, and it features Gal Gadot decked out in what appears to be a brand new costume, surrounded by trippy light in the shape of – what else – a W. See the new Wonder Woman 1984 poster below!

I swear to you, I yelled “Holy shit!” – out loud – when I saw this Tweet. Superhero posters are often bland and colorless, so when something like this comes along, it’s a shock to the system. On the heels of the news that Warner Bros. wouldn’t be attending Hall H at SDCC this year, Patty Jenkins took to Twitter to unveil this gorgeous Wonder Woman 1984 poster, and reveal that the official promotional campaign for the movie won’t start until December. Which means don’t expect a trailer until then. For now, though, this is pretty damn great. Here’s the poster on its own:

I saw some early Wonder Woman 1984 footage at SDCC last year, and it was quite colorful and visually bright, which matches up with this poster well. So what’s the deal with the gold armor? Per the DC Wiki, Wonder Woman wears gold “ceremonial battle armor…whenever she needed to face a powerful villain.” The armor also came with some abilities:

  • Superhuman Durability: Providing protection from explosions, gunfire, electricity, and most forms of physical and energy attack.
  • Flight
  • Sealed Systems: The helmet has a retractable faceplate. When in use, the wearer has a protected air supply.

That doesn’t mean those same abilities will be in play in the film, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens June 5, 2020.

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