All of the Lyrics to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Remix with Justin Bieber

Billie Eilish has just released a remix of her hit song “Bad Guy” featuring Justin Bieber, fulfilling her inner Belieber’s wildest dreams. For the imagery promoting the new single, the 17-year-old breakout star used a photo of her younger self in her room, surrounded with posters of the Canadian pop star. She’s come a long way.

In the new iteration of the gritty, upbeat track, Bieber puts his own spin on the second verse and chorus with lyrics like, “Yeah, I’m a bad guy / Ain’t no holdin’ back guy / Come off like I’m mad guy / Always got your back guy.”

It appears the chart-topping singer is a fan of Eilish’s as well. After the song was released, he wrote to her on Instagram, “@billieeilish so proud of you.” Read the full lyrics to the “Bad Guy” remix below, courtesy of Genius.

Stream “Bad Guy” featuring Bieber here.

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