Amy Winehouse had impressive £4m net worth at the time of her tragic death

Amy Winehouse, one of the world's most popular and promising stars, tragically passed away 10 years ago today, on July 23.

The 27-year-old Rehab singer was found dead in her London home in 2011, and was later found to have passed away from accidental alcohol poisoning.

The singer had amassed an incredible fortune throughout her impressive career, with the Back to Black album becoming the UK's biggest-selling album of the 21st century, which was eventually surpassed by Adele's 21.

But Amy didn't leave a will and her after-tax assets went to her mum, Janis and her dad Mitch.

Since the time of her death the value of her estate is believed to have grown considerably from song royalties.

Amy Winehouse net worth

Probate records showed that Amy's estate was listed as worth £4,257,580 in total assets, according to Forbes.

But after taxes and other debts her net worth was brought down to £2,944,554. Because she had no will, her parents inherited her estate.

Her parents went on to set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation to prevent harm from drug misuse among young people.

Winehouse made the eye-watering amount of money through her impressive singing career.

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In 2002 she signed a deal with a record label, and a year later she released her first album, Frank.

Amy's second album, Back to Black, became even more successful – but it marked the beginning of a very dark time.

The singer won several awards, but she also had to cancel her US tour and was admitted to rehab.

She spent the rest of her life in a constant battle with addiction, and went back into rehab several times.

In 2011 she was forced to cancel another tour – a few months before her untimely death.

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At the same time she released her first album, she met the man she would one day call her husband.

Blake Fielder-Civil was married to Amy from 2007 to 2009, and now reportedly lives in an estate in Leeds.

Fielder-Civil didn't inherit any money after Amy's death, despite the fact they were married during her time in the spotlight.

It was unlikely Amy's parents would share her inheritance with him, in an interview with ABC News, Mitch said he blamed him for his daughter's drug addiction. Blake has previously admitted to introducing her to heroin.

After Amy's death, Blake went into a coma due to a drug overdose.

He survived, and a few years later Fox News reported that he tried to make a claim against Winehouse's estate.

This was eight years after her death, which occurred two years after their divorce.

Fielder-Civil, who received a £250,000 pay out at the time of the divorce, reportedly felt he was entitled to a further claim.

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