Anna Vakili says Love Island Chloe isn’t ‘her kind of girl’ after stealing Toby

Every series of Love Island needs a villain, and Chloe Burrows has ruffled feathers already for making a move on Toby last night when he seemed to be happily coupled up with fan-favourite Kaz.

Viewers were angry after Chloe kissed Toby during the 'Line Of Booty' challenge, and it all got a bit heated in the villa between Chloe and Faye with a shouting match, in which Kaz's pals leapt to her defence.

Former Islander Anna Vakili talked exclusively to Daily Star's Carly Hacon in a Facebook Live chat, and Anna made her feelings about Chloe clear.

When asked if she was Team Kaz, Anna said: “Oh 100%! I don’t like the way Chloe did it. That’s not my kind of girl at all.”

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Anna confessed: “That’s exactly the kind of girl I probably would have kicked off at if I was in the villa.”

The stunning star recalled: “Remember when Love Island was about to start, we felt like she might be that girl that doesn't have girl code and would take another girl’s man?"

She laughed: "Well, we were right!”

Anna is realistic about the point of the show: “It’s all about going in there and finding someone, but at the same time, it doesn't hurt just to have a little bit of respect.

“It’s girl code, speak to the girl before you do anything. You know she didn't even come and tell Kaz. She had no warning.”

Fans were outraged after last night’s show showed Chloe and Toby sharing a kiss up on the private roof terrace.

A clip of tonight’s show hints at the fallout that is to come.

Chloe first made a move on Toby during the challenge, when she planted a kiss on him as Kaz looked on, unimpressed.

Anna continued about Chloe: “I don't think it's acceptable at all the way she's gone about it.

“It's absolutely fine if you like a guy and you want to get to know him…but it's just the way you do it.”

Anna had some advice on how it should have gone down: “So she could have just taken Kaz aside at the beginning when she first started to feel like she might fancy him, and say ‘I know you're with him but I want to be honest with you.”

She said Chloe should have said: “I've not even told Toby myself yet.

"But I kind of fancy him… I don't want to hurt you and I want to talk to you about it first. That's all it takes.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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