Ashley Cain’s girlfriend says daughter has opened her eyes after hospital dash

Reality star Ashley Cain's girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee has provided fans with an update on their eight-month-old daughter Azaylia, after she was rushed to hospital for an emergency transfusion on Sunday night.

Safiyaa has revealed that baby Azaylia has now opened her eyes after undergoing an emergency platelet transfusion.

The parents became increasingly worried after Azaylia suffered a series of nose bleeds on Sunday evening and decided to take their little one straight back to hospital to receive additional care.

Azaylia, who had been previously diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia at eight weeks old, underwent a platelet transfusion to help induce clotting.

Taking to Instagram to update her followers, mother Safiyya said her daughter has now opened her eyes.

The mother-of-one wrote: "Last night we took Azaylia to the hospital for an emergency platelet transfusion as the leukaemia caused profuse bleeding.

"Azaylia had a 30min transfusion, but this didn’t stop the bleeding overnight, I put her on her observation machine so I could keep an eye on her oxygen and heart rate levels for reassurance."

She added: "I have the privilege to wake up this morning and watch her open her eyes and play, this is precious.

"So Azaylia was experiencing lots of nose bleeds yesterday so about 11 o'clock we decided to go to the hospital and get a platelet transfusion for her.

"Unfortunately overnight she still experienced the nose bleeds and the clotting hasn't happened.

"Just spoke with the community nurse, who is taking care of her, and they are going to come out and have a little review and look at her today. So just sitting tight until then."

Safiyaa went on to express her gratitude and thank the NHS for their hard work and allowing the couple to return back to hospital with their daughter for further treatment.

In the short clip, Safiyya also spoke openly to her followers about the ordeal that her daughter is currently going through, and admits that she is trying to make the most of everyday that she shares with her daughter.

Safiyya confessed: "I wake up in the morning and look at her and feel so blessed every single morning that I'm waking up with her and having her there to hold and smile and sing our Jungle Book theme tune to her all day long…

"I just feel so happy I can just spend today with her and play and just love her as much as I can and tell her how much I love her.

"It's absolutely heartbreaking, this feels like torture and it's so difficult and it's so hard but the support you guys have all given us is amazing, it's incredible."

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