Big Thief Drop Lullaby Love Song 'Love in Mine'

Big Thief dropped a lullaby of a standalone track Wednesday, “Love in Mine,” an outtake from 2019’s Two Hands.

Adrianne Lenker’s dynamic voice is hush on the track — replete with soft guitar and shuffling drums — as she sings about “what we leave behind/Like cicada shells/Will be hollowed/And eaten by the hills.” The thrumming emotional intensity of previous songs like 2019’s “Not” is transformed here into a murmur: “Put your love in mine/Let your body sing when your words won’t/Tell me everything.”

Lenker and Co. were busy in 2019, releasing two acclaimed albums: U.F.O.F and Two Hands; Lenker also dropped a gorgeous solo album in 2018 titled Abysskiss.

“We really pay attention to that kind of magic: what we’re made of, where we come from and what’s beyond,” Lenker told Rolling Stone in 2019 of U.F.O.F. “As we’ve deepened our relationships as friends and bandmates, there’s been more room to explore. So it felt important in this record to have a bridge between the earthly, raw, physical forms — the sounds of us playing in a room — with this whole other celestial realm.”

Earlier this month, the band released a collection of demos Demos Vol. 1 – Topanga Canyon, CA – Feb 2018 with all proceeds going to support their touring crew in the wake of COVID-19 effectively shutting down the live music industry. “They are the lifeblood of the Big Thief shows and we care so deeply for each and every one of them,” the band wrote.

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