Bradley Walsh still makes fat jibes at The Chase’s Mark Labbett after 10st drop

Mark Labbett has been showing off his impressive weight loss on social media after revealing that he had shed a whopping 10st after he was diagnosed with diabetes in 2017 – but it hasn't stopped the jibes from The Chase host Bradley Walsh.

Fans have been praising him throughout his weight loss journey as he shares snaps of his slender figure, but he has admitted that despite losing a lot of weight, comments have not stopped from Bradley.

The host often makes jibes at the chasers on the show, and Mark – otherwise known as The Beast – has often had pops made at his weight.

Speaking to, Mark said that despite not having the heaviest BMI (Body Mass Index) on the show, Bradley still makes a joke or two about his weight.

He said: "If he had a pop at other people on the show for their weight you know people would say, 'You can't say that'.

"He calls me fat and makes jokes about me, but I am."

However, it doesn't seem that Mark takes Bradley's jibes personally, as he declared him the "best gameshow host in the world right now".

Their back and forth banter has always been a talking point of the show, and despite worrying that he was being too harsh sometimes, Mark revealed that Bradley loves it when you "come back with banter".

It seems even the jibes about Mark's weight isn't causing an issue for him, with The Beast regularly giving Bradley as good as he's getting in his witty comebacks on the quiz show.

Mark has had back-and-forth banter with Bradley since he first stepped foot onto the show, but in recent years he has focused on weight loss after he was diagnosed with diabetes.

After dropping from 29st to 19st, he has been open about his journey, previously telling The Sun that he is currently the lightest he has been in 25 years.

In an Instagram post Mark revealed what he had done to lose weight, mostly including an increase in physical activity by going on walks with his dog and being mindful about his sugar intake to manage his diabetes.

He explained that he had worked breakfast into his daily routine, adding that he never used to eat the meal, and it's one of the many things that has helped him perfect his weight loss journey.

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