Britney Spears fans raise alarms after noticing ‘bruises and neck scratches’

Britney Spears fans have raised the alarm bells after noticing the singer appeared to be covered in "bruises and scratches" in her latest Instagram post.

The 40-year-old mum-of-two had wanted to showcase her fashion selections in a number of racy throwback images – telling fans she was attempting "to be pretty".

In the first three snaps, Britney posed in low-rise denim jeans and a completely see-through crop top leaving a lot of her bare skin exposed.

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The pop star did seem to unveil a number of significant markings across her chest, hip and arms which were not missed by eagle-eyed online users.

Sharing another mystifying caption with Instagram followers, Britney penned: "Reflecting back. This is me screen-shotting my fashion videos!

"Me looking back sets a notion of what's been done! And it's all been done so play along my friends.

"This is just me trying to be pretty! I literally SUUUUUCK, but at least I can admit it!"

While the sheer and braless display may have proved to be a great distraction for some of her adoring network, others were not so easily allured.

Soon after posting, fans amassed in the comments section pleading for someone to help the Hit Me Baby One More Time hitmaker, claiming she looked "banged up".

One concerned fan wrote: "She looks bruised and with scars on her chest. Britney is not free. #justiceforbritney."

A second online user agreed: "First couple pics you look banged up a little … redness on chest and bruise on right side of the stomach…"

Another penned: "She needs help, she has bruises on her hips and scratches all around her neck…"

"Second picture, bruises on hips both sides, Busted lip, red marks on chest, and a swollen eye. So unbelievably sad that this is happening before our eyes and nobody is doing a thing. Horrible!!!" warned a fourth.

While a fifth person asked: "No one noticed the bruises up her arm on her hand on her hip on her chest so worrying the photos seem more like a cry for help for someone they recognise."

According to many of Britney's followers, the chart topper had previously explained that she'd "ran into the kitchen counter" and been bruised, however after seeing the disturbing snaps many started to question if this had been true.

One comment read: "lol she wrote she ran into the kitchen counter three times. I mean, three times? But she doesn't have dementia… (Who claims to run into something like that three times in a row so it makes a bruise, tf?!)"

Another read: "More bruises… bet this gets deleted. Stop encouraging this – it’s so weird!!!"

"What's with the chest hit marks? Surely you couldn’t have ran into the kitchen counter you claim for the bruise on your side," quizzed a third.

Daily Star has contacted reps for Britney for further comment.

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The singer, 40, in recent times has been slammed for her more than racy content – with Britney often ditching every thread of clothing for many of her sultry snaps.

Even her ex-husband Kevin Federline expressed that Britney's two son's Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden, 15, had not wanted to see their mum after finding the nude selfies "tough" to witness.

In spite of many online critiques and the statement from her former husband, the Hit Me Baby One More Time singer has stood by her actions and continues to express her freedom since her conservatorship which was managed by her dad Jamie Spears had come to an end last year.

In view of her 42 million followers, the Work B*tch singer defended herself, penning: "Conservative Diplomatic Voice… I had everything but broken inside!

"I never wanted to be the girl who shows their bodies! Bulls**t! Try being covered for 4 months with no keys.

"I have the right to express my body, mouth, eyes, heart and feet and show whatever I want."

She continued: "My body was manipulated, abused, and torn by people, not my friends.

"I have beautiful friends who give me joy and lift my a** higher every day.

"If my shallow smile approach offends anyone which I only have learned to copy. So sorry! Psss come on icons, who are we fooling?!"


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