Carol Vorderman warns fans of ‘crazy imposter’ as she falls victim to hacker

Carol Vorderman has been the victim of yet another imposter account on social media and has warned fans not to disclose any personal information.

The Countdown boss shared a screenshot of a bogus message she had been forwarded from an imposter claiming to be on the hunt for hackers.

The irony.

Carol said: "I've just been sent this from someone alerting me to the fact that this fake account is trying to get information from them.

"Crazily this imposter is pretending to want information about imposters. Jeez."

She then went on to confirm her only two legitimate accounts and called the hackers "pathetic" and demanded they "stop this obsession".

The fake message did not sound like Carol and the wording was a bit off.

Carol’s pal Paul O Grady commented on yet "another illiterate cretin" with "nothing better to do".

The presenter and comedian called for Instagram to do more about "these ever-increasing scammers".

Meanwhile, Carol, 61, recently came to the rescue of a man who had locked himself out of his car in the Beacons.

Tyrone Coburn was stranded as there was no phone signal and the nearest village was five miles away.

Luckily Carol was on had to save the day,

She posted: "Awwwww. I was wandering around the Beacons yesterday and chatting to an ex-teacher who was manning one of the car parks for @breconbeacons.

"Then Tyrone and his two friends came over and said that he'd locked his keys in his car. The problem was he would have to climb back up a mountain for a signal to ring the AA or walk 5 miles to the nearest village.

"Er Hello….time for a lift," she said.

Carol then went on to explain that Tyrone only recognised who she was when she took her sunglasses off and he was of course pleasantly surprised.

She continued: "He made me laugh tho cos we were chatting away in the car and it was only when I took my sunnies off that he recognised me.

"Two frights at once. Seeing it was the old numbers bird off the telly and it was her without makeup as well!!!!"

Luckily Tyrone got home safe and she finished by saying she was sure he would have done exactly the same.

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