Celebrity Big Brother star Gary Busey ‘attacked’ by his pet parakeet live on-air

Gary Busey was bitten by his pet parakeet live on television this week, as he opened up about his battle to control the bird.

The Oscar-nominated actor, 76, appeared on the Aussie comedy panel television series Hughesy, We Have a Problem, discussing his pet bird's unusual mannerisms.

Throughout the interview, his parakeet, whose name is Pee Wee, nipped at his eyes and face, distracting viewers at home.

Talking with host Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes, he said: "I have a beautiful family member, a parakeet, who's name is Pee Wee, and she likes to get in my hair and…"

Suddenly the bird went rogue and started biting his face, as Gary shared more details of Pee Wee's wacky habits.

He said: "Right now she's cleaning invisible food out of my teeth. Ugh! She just bit me on the lip. It's a love bite. It's not a [gnashes teeth] like that."

The Celebrity Big Brother star revealed Pee Wee tended to pull out his hair in the hopes of building a nest, yanking strands from his beard.

"She likes to get in my hair and make a nest out of it, and there she is trimming the beard," Gary said.

"And she doesn't have any razors, she just uses her beak to pull the hair out."

Host Dave later told local news outlet News.com.au about the interview, revealing the bird "attacked" Gary while filming.

He told the publication: "His problem was: what does he do about his pet parakeet that keeps attacking him?

"As he was explaining the problem, the parakeet started attacking him. It nearly pecks him to death as we try to interview him!"

Originally from Texas, Gary didn't get his big break as an actor until he landed a supporting role in the 1974 Clint Eastwood film Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.

He went on to land an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor thanks to his role as legendary singer Buddy Holly in the biopic The Buddy Holly Story.

In the years that followed, he appeared in box office hits like Lethal Weapon and Point Break, before making the move to acting in TV series in the 2000s.

Viewers in the UK will fondly remember him as the champion of the fourteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother, beating the likes of Lauren Goodger and James Jordan in the race to the final.

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