Chanel West Coast reveals her favorite guest on Ridiculousness

Chanel West Coast’s long-suffering music career is finally getting off the ground. The rapper has been dealt a number of setbacks over the years, from getting her thunder stolen by Iggy Azalea to parting ways with one of the strongest hip hop labels in the land, Young Money Records. Through it all, though, West Coast has maintained her position on Ridiculousness, MTV’s comedy clip show that offers up a look at some of the most cringeworthy posts and epic fails the internet has to offer.

As a co-host of Ridiculousness, West Coast has met countless celebrities. The MTV personality has rubbed elbows with athletes, musicians, actors, influencers and stars of viral videos, but there are some guests that stand above the rest. While West Coast did count Floyd Mayweather and his backpack full of $1 million in cash as a close second, there was one guest whose appearance on Ridiculousness trumps all others.

Chanel West Coast's favorite guest was her former collaborator

When asked about her favorite Ridiculousness guest ever, one name immediately came to Chanel West Coast’s mind: Snoop Dogg. The iconic rapper appeared on an episode of the MTV series in January 2014, during the brief period when he was going by the name Snoop Lion. West Coast told All Things Covered podcast hosts Bryant McFadden and Patrick Peterson that Snoop was the only person who came on the show that they were okay waiting for.

“Normally everybody’s ready, like, people know that Rob [Drydek] likes to move fast,” West Coast said. “Snoop is probably the only person we’ve ever waited for … literally waited forever.” The rapper laughed while conveying the story and made it very clear that everyone was fine with waiting because it was, well, Snoop Dogg. It also probably didn’t hurt that West Coast and Snoop already had a rapport going into the taping. The two collaborated on West Coast’s song “Put In Work” in 2013. “I just, like, love being around Snoop,” she said. 

Honestly, Snoop Dogg seems like the kind of person who’s easy to love being around.

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