Danny Dyer quizzes Dani about night she was ‘impregnated’ leaving her flustered

Love Island's Dani Dyer was left feeling red-faced after her famous dad decided to question her about the night she conceived her firstborn and whether it was after a "Valentine's Day roll about".

Actor Danny, 43, reckons his daughter Dani is likely to have done the deed after heading to the theatre to watch a performance of Pretty Woman with her boyfriend Sammy Kimmence last year.

Reality star Dani, 24, recalled that she had been "a bit p***ed" on the night in question, before going on to add: "It was beautiful, it was the best show I ever watched."

The Love Island champ and boyfriend Sammy welcomed the arrival of their adorable baby last month and she has continued to leave her followers cooing, sharing an array of cute baby snaps to her social media.

During a conversation on their podcast, Sorted With The Dyers,EastEnders star Danny asked: "After that Valentine's night out, was that when you had the roll around to impregnate you?"

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A horrified Dani responded: "I don't really want to tell you the roll around, it's a little bit… it weren't Feb."

Not one to beat around the bush, the hardman went on to say: "It was Valentine's Day and you're forced to… well you are aren't you? You gotta get intimate at some point and you think oh, f*****g hell I can't be bothered."

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Dani instantly clapped back with: "I'm sure you want it on Valentine's Day."

However, her old man replied: "Wait till you get to my age, that will be sapped from your f*****g body."

While they may be father and daughter, Danny and Dani hold nothing from each other with the reality star once revealing she walked in on her dad and mother Jo Mas, "getting busy" on the sofa.

She dropped the bombshell after telling their listeners she headed to her old family home to use the toilet as she was too embarrassed to do her business in front of Sammy at the start of their relationship.

Dani later added that her father was "going soft" as he gets older but Danny wasn't taking that lying down, quipping: "Ask your mother there's nothing soft about your old man," leaving Dani embarrassed.

He added: "Let's make something very clear. You have got to get over this. If your dad was soft you wouldn't be here."

The actor who starred in Run For Your Wife went on to reveal: "She [Dani] caught us the other day, it wasn't some sort of orgy and we'd invited the neighbours round," he joked after Dani told listeners that her parents "tonguing in the kitchen" left her and her siblings feeling uncomfortable.

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