Fever Ray to Release ‘Live at the Troxy’ Album

Fever Ray, the alias of The Knife’s Karin Dreijer for her solo project, has announced the release of Live at the Troxy, which was recorded during Dreijer’s March 2018 performance at Troxy in London, England. It will be released on August 2nd via her label Rabid Records and Mute.

The performance was in support of 2017 sophomore album, the compelling Plunge. The 16-track set comprises songs mostly from her second LP, alongside a smattering of other tracks, including haunting standouts “When I Grow Up” and “If I Had a Heart” from her excellent self-titled 2009 debut.

The live album was recorded in conjunction with Live Here Now, who will also offer Live at the Troxy in a variety of formats, including triple-colored 180g vinyl and as a “test pressing” 3-LP set.

Live at the Troxy Track List

1. “An Itch”
2. “Part of Us”
3. “When I Grow Up”
4. “Mustn’t Hurry”
5. “This Country”
6. “Falling”
7. “Wanna Sip”
8. “I’m Not Done”
9. “Red Trails”
10. “Concrete Walls”
11. “To the Moon and Back”
12. “Triangle Walks”
13. “IDK About You”
14. “Keep the Streets Empty”
15. “If I Had a Heart”
16. “Mama’s Hand”

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