Freddie Mercury THREW an iron into a mirror in front of Mary Austin backstage – Here’s why

Freddie Mercury may be gone, but he is still remembered fondly by his every adoring fans. And that passion also went the other way, from the Queen singer towards his audiences too. Now in the latest episode of Finding Freddie, a new YouTube podcast series, his close friend and interviewer David Wigg has shared a story of how the star was frustrated when he wasn’t perfect in his performances for his fans.

Speaking in Episode 3 of Finding Freddie, which focused on interviewing the star, Wigg said how the first time he interviewed the star was after a concert in Manchester.

Wigg, who became one of Freddie’s most trusted friends said: “So I went to the concert and then I went backstage and Mary [Austin] was there.

“And they were roaring, calling him back for more.

“He came out of the side platform of the stage into the dressing room.”


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The interviewer continued: “[He] picked up an iron and threw it through a full length mirror that he dressed in front of earlier.

“I said, ‘Freddie! Gosh! You’re obviously not superstitious.’

“‘That’s seven years bad luck in my family.’

“And he said, ‘Well that means I’ve got another seven years to live haven’t I David?’ Of course, he was fit then.”

Both Wigg and Austin then asked Freddie what was the matter.

Freddie said: “We were not good enough tonight.

“My microphone was popping and that is bad.

“We are number one and we have to be the best!”

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Wigg admitted: “That’s what he was like.

“And I said, ‘But look Freddie they’re calling you back now.’

Freddie replied: “Ah but I know and I want them to have the best of us.”

The star’s friend added: “Extraordinary isn’t it?”

The first two episodes of Finding Freddie are also on the Freddie Mercury Solo YouTube channel.

The first episode saw his close friends talking about what it was like to be in his presence.

While the second examined his on-set antics when shooting his most famous music videos.

Hopefully, another episode with new insights will land next week for fans to enjoy.

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