Gemma Collins urges Boris Johnson to make beauty salons an essential service

Gemma Collins has appealed to Boris Johnson to make hair and beauty salons essential services.

The GC said the Prime Minister needs to think about her pampering regime and pleaded on her podcast to him to stop locking down her favourite places.

Gemma, 39, said: "I’d a really busy week because I got my hair done, my nails done – it was so nice to have the luxuries back in my life.

"And not that I’ve ever taken it for granted, but I’m sorry, Boris, if you’re listening – hair and nails is essential for the GC.

"I’m sorry mate, do not take it off the list ever again.

“So I have spent my last couple of days absolutely pampering myself.

“I’m currently recording this podcast from a spa and it was so nice, I had a massage today, I had a facial.

“But I hope you are all getting excited for Christmas.”

Gemma said that since rules have been relaxed she has moved out of her Essex home and decamped to a London hotel.

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She added: “I have absolutely loved the lockdown restrictions being lifted slightly because I got to go Christmas shopping.

“I wasn’t feeling that Christmassy and I am Mrs Christmas – well Miss Christmas actually, I’m not married, ooh I better not tempt fate.

“But basically I have had the best time because the shops are open and yes, we’ve still go to be careful, but it was just so nice to have the option to go shopping.

“So the minute Boris’s lockdown was lifted I headed straight to London, I’ve propped myself up in a hotel and I have no plans to leave.

“I am just making the most of London and you really miss it.

“Like, sometimes you’re like, ‘I’m not going shopping, I’m sick of it’ but then when it’s taken away from you…

“I get you can online shop but at the same time, it is really amazing to go and have a little look and a browse, so that is what I’ve been doing this week.”

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