Harry and Meghan ‘seek to wound’ royals with Netflix bombshells, says expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess Of Sussex, want to "wound' the Royal Family with their documentary.

The pair recently released the second set of episode s in their six-part television series on the streaming giant.

In the new installments. the pair repeated their accusations of mistreatment by the institution of the Monarchy after they were married at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

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But according to Royal Expert Michael Cole, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going out to damage the Royal Family with their television programme.

Speaking exclusively to The Daily Star, he said: "This is a new low for this self obsessed couple.

"it’s quite clear that the two brothers William and Harry are at daggers drawn."

The commentator added: "The version of what happened as presented by these two pampered people, it seems yet again, they want to wound, they seek the wound, but they feared to strike."

Michael also told The Daily Star that he thinks Prince Harry is extremely 'paranoid' in his life, due to his past experiences, but because of this he and his wife heighten what would usually be minor conflicts.

The former BBC reporter explained: "It's another round of ‘we're right, they were wrong’. And the prince seems to be displaying tremendous sense of paranoia.

"He's a man who served 10 years in the British Army, 10 tours of Afghanistan. Behaved in a perfectly gallant manner, but seems to be unable to cope with the rigours of living in a palace. It's extraordinary."

The expert added: "These two people accentuate what are essentially trivial or family disputes, into major conflicts, they should show a little bit more resolve, a little bit more fortitude, a little bit more strength and steadfastness instead of complaining about their lot."

However Michael also suggested despite the pair's complaints, they displayed immense respect for Her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, but he also hinted that this might be a way to get the public on side.

He told The Daily Star: "Their expressing affection and regard for Her Majesty the Queen, which is only to be expected, and of course, is a very safe thing to say."


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