How Did Jennifer Lopez Get Her Famous Abs?

Jennifer Lopez has been working on her body to prepare for her next movie role. In it, she plays the role of an exotic dancer, so she’s had to get her body ready to bare all for the cameras. In doing so, she’s revamped her diet and her workout routines. All her hard work has paid off too because the nearly 50-year-old star looks like a woman half her age. Her enviable body doesn’t come easily though, she has worked really hard to maintain that figure.

Jennifer Lopez is in the best shape of her life

J.Lo has been preparing for her role in an upcoming film about strippers who seek revenge against their wealthy, Wall Street clients. In Hustlers, she has to portray the stripper who is the mastermind behind the revenge plot. Because of this role, the star has had to really work on her body to be able to perform the acrobatic pole routines that the movie requires. She’s been dieting, doubling down on exercise, and has even hired a performer from Cirque du Soleil to help her train.

She’s also installed a portable pole in her home to practice, sources say that her fiance Alex Rodriguez doesn’t mind her new workout habits.  

Jennifer Lopez has the complete support of Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer might have one of the most supportive partners on the planet. It’s clear when you see the two working out together that he is totally in it for her. Of course, the talented athlete is used to having a daily workout regime too, but it’s likely he’s never had such a beautiful work out buddy before. Aside from accompanying her to the gym, he also is behind her diet choices as well, mostly. 

Jennifer Lopez’s diet plays a big role

Although Rodriguez is supportive of his fiance, he didn’t last very long on her new eating mandates. She really cracked down on her eating habits to help her kick start her body into high gear. The singer typically consumes a lot of sugar and carbs, so to help her body get into the tip-top shape she challenged herself — and A-Rod) — to 10 days without those two things.

This kind of elimination diet can be challenging, both mentally and physically. But, it seems like Lopez has the stamina and the will power to succeed at every hurdle in her life. She’s continuing the habit long past the 10-day limit. A-Rod? Not so much.

Jennifer Lopez shows off those killer abs

The girl certainly knows how to highlight her rockin’ body. She regularly steps out for the day, or on the red carpet, wearing fashion specifically designed to showcase her bare midriff. But, wouldn’t you? The 49-year-old actress looks half her age, it is certainly within her right to show off how all her hard work pays off. 

Her style choices often reflect her iconic look of sweats pants and cool shades, but lately, those shirts have all been crop tops. Her wardrobe selections display her well-defined abs and her great fashion sense.

Jennifer Lopez’s new film ‘Hustlers’ inspires her to keep in shape

Jennifer talked with Jimmy Kimmel about how she had to learn to dance like a stripper for her new role in Hustlers. It was “so hard” and she’s developed a lot of respect for those who are able to pole dance in real life. 

“I have bruises everywhere,” Lopez related to Kimmel. “It’s so hard. I have a lot of respect for people who do the pole.” Lopez continued to explain how she firmly thinks that pole dancing is much more difficult than the professional dancing she does in her life. 

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