Inside Kate Garraway’s difficult Christmas as Derek recovers from Covid at home

Kate Garraway's Christmas will look a lot different to last years after her husband Derek Draper finally returned home after battling Covid in hospital.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has been adjusting to the "new normal" following her husbands return home and is hoping she can take Derek to Chorley to visit his family this Christmas.

Kate told Woman's Own magazine how things will be different for herself and their 15-year-old daughter, Darcey and 12-year-old son, Billy.

She said: "This year, we have got him home – and fingers crossed we can keep him home.

"Of course, he's not going to be putting on his Santa costume, going out with Darcey for a father-and-daughter Christmas shop or the same with Billy."

She explained: "None of those things are on the horizon at the moment so it's adjusting to a new normal but also grateful he's here at all which we didn't have at all last year and feared would never happen."

54-year-old Derek was first admitted into hospital in March 2020 after becoming ill with coronavirus.

He later was moved into intensive care where he stayed for a year.

20 months later and Derek has left hospital but need round-the-clock care at home.

The mum-of-two revealed her "oven is broken so I'm not sure anyone wants to come to me" for Christmas as she hints she's going to visit family.

She added that "the dream would be to get Derek to Chorley", where his family live, but he finds it too "exhausting" to be moved anywhere.

Last year, Kate revealed further bad news after her house was flooded over the Christmas season.

She shared on social media: “Well here we are folks – #newyearseve – the last day of a year few will be sorry to see the back of.

"Have been quiet for a while – getting through Christmas has been a challenge hasn’t it with all the emotions it stirs in our strange world & nowhere really to put them – except in hope.

"And there is still so much real hope out there. Not just in the extraordinary health care workers & researchers who definitely hold a bright light for the future. But in all the little kindnesses.

“We had a calamitous few days in the run up to Christmas – but we got through thanks to some wonderful people.

"The guys from @bondconstruction who literally got on their hands & knees with me to bucket out water after we had 2 pipe leaks that flooded our home.”

The journalist thanked Emma Willis for delivering a Marks & Spencer festive meal for her family after the chaos.

Kate also opened up about her relationship with Derek has changed as she said it was "both emotional and physical because it has changed", and she says she gets floored when "Derek is very present and the next minute he's not".

She added: "You get a strange, overwhelming feeling of loneliness where you suddenly feel the person is lost and you want to grab them, fix them – bring them back."

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