Inside Robbie Williams’ sex life – Spice Girls romp to fling with drug dealer

Robbie Williams may be settled down with a wife and children now but he hasn't always been so chilled.

The star is married to American actress Ayda Field and they share children Theodora, Beau, Charlton and Colette.

But after leaving Take That and becoming one of the most successful UK solo artists of all time, Robbie romped his way through the 1990s and early 2000s.

From getting down and dirty on the sets of his music videos to bedding strippers, you name it, he's probably done it.

Here Daily Star take a look back at some of his craziest moments as he celebrates his 47th birthday.

Having sex with his drug dealer

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Speaking on his podcast (Staying) At Home With The Williamses in December 2020, Robbie admitted he used to have sex with his female drug dealer after his wife Ayda Field called him out.

Talking about how they met, Ayda said: "Can I also point out that the person you took drugs from, your dealer, you were also sleeping with?

"You had just f***ed your dealer, who had just dropped off drugs, before our first date. Romantic."

Robbie replied, "Yes. In people’s minds, dealers are usually men. [But she] wasn’t."

Performing sex act while filming music video

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Writing in his book Feel, Robbie opened up about getting down and dirty with some of the actors on his Come Undone music video.

In the 2002 clip Rob is seen waking up in a trashed apartment following a wild party.

He then romps on a bed with two porn babes.

In typically crude fashion, Rob explained how the scene went beyond acting.

Robbie wrote: "I was thinking some of the sex stuff in there should be performed.

"There was lots of naked breast touching, us three kissing altogether.

"I did keep my pants on. They didn't. I had a quick fiddle with both of them."

Sex tale so crude it got pulled from BBC

Robbie appeared on The Graham Norton Show when he turned the air blue, telling the host about how he once hooked up with a random woman he found in his room thinking it was the cleaner… only to discover the woman was just a member of the public who had slipped into his room.

The clip was later pulled by the BBC from the internet.

Recalling the tale, Robbie said: "Back in the day, I was renting a castle. We were renting it to rehearse in for a tour.

"I was in this big room in this castle. I've got this sleeping bag. I woke up and I was laying on my bed. I was cognisant and I was awake but I hadn't opened my eyes yet. I was getting more and more confused because I could swear there was somebody in my room.

"I could swear that they were tidying up or cleaning or something. Sure enough, I open my eyes and there was a lady at the bottom of the bed. She could have been anywhere from 28 to 58. She's got this headset on, it's got this tape on it and the lead went down to cassette player.

"We were well into the days of CDs at this time and I was like, 'Wow.' But you just woke up so you don't really know what's going on. She looks at me. I look at her. I went, 'Alright?' She went, 'Alright?' She looked on the floor where my underpants were, and she went, 'Calvin Kleins? P***y!'

"I'm like, okay, this is definitely really weird. She went, 'Have you got morning glory?'

"This is back in the day when I used to have morning glory! So I was like, 'Yeah!' She says, 'I'll w*** you off!' I'm really young and I can close my eyes and pretend it's somebody else, so it's like, 'Yeah, go on then!'"

Laughing, the cheeky star continued: "Anyway, she does the dirty deed. That night I was with the lady who ran the castle.

"I said, 'Your cleaner's weird!' She said, 'We don't have cleaners on a Wednesday.' It was just somebody who had walked in off the street, come up and give me a hand job, and then left!"

But things got even weirder three years down the line.

"I'm with my band and I'm like [telling them the castle story]," he added.

"My guitarist went, 'That's Maureen from the pub! She said she did that but nobody believed her!'"

Spice Girls romp

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Robbie famously dated Geri Horner in the 1990s when she was known as her alter ego, Ginger Spice – famed for her short dresses and mischievous personality.

In a bid to keep their relationship under wraps, Robbie smuggled Geri out of his London apartment and into a car in a holdall bag – tricking the hundreds of paparazzi photographers who were eager to get a glimpse of the UK's hottest couple.

However, it appears that Robbie has some regrets over his spicy days, admitting that Scary Spice [Melanie Brown] is the one Spice Girl he wanted to sleep with.

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Speaking on Sydney's 2DayFM breakfast show, he admitted: "A message for Mel B. You're the only Spice Girl I ever wanted to sleep with. It's true.

"I slept with the other ones by mistake. You slip, you trip and your d**k ends up in Geri Halliwell…"

However, Sporty Spice Melanie C has since revealed that she didn't sleep with Robbie, despite a short-lived relationship, and is certain Emma Bunton didn't bed the singer either.

Despite Mel C's claims, Robbie's wife Ayda begs to differ, insisting that Robbie knew the girl group very well.

Constantly romping with strippers

Robbie has never hidden his playboy ways.

As well as dating a string of famous stars, he slept with countless strippers he met on nights out.

Writing about his love of lap dancers in his autobiography Feel, Robbie said about going to strip joints: "The t**ty monster gets on my shoulder.

"I need to take her home and f*** her.

"Then I do. And then I feel genuinely sorry for her predicament."

Christmas sex ban

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Speaking at end of 2020, Ayda joked she had slapped Robbie with a Christmas sex ban.

Chatting on their podcast Robbie asked his missus if she was “down for Christmas sex”, prompting her to reply: “Oh, God no. Do you want Christmas sex?”

"No, I’m not bothered," Robbie quickly replied before adding: "There is something you could put in the stocking, and that could be you.

“Then you could come out of the bathroom in your stockings and I go, ‘What are you doing?’"

The Rock DJ singer joked: "So sex is off the wish list? You never know, if the fancy takes us, the Christmas fancy.

"I just thought, dress naked with a bow around my penis and that, being the Christmas fancy.”

Gay sex 'on tap'

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Growing up as one of the nation's most famous musicians, Rob had the world at his feet, from entry to the best clubs, booze on tap, as well as the infamous "sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll" which certainly impacted his thoughts during his early 20s.

During his heyday, Rob was at the centre of speculation surrounding his sexuality, with the star even questioning whether he was interested in men.

During a chat with Attitude magazine, he revealed that the first time he took ecstasy was in a gay club, later thinking he was "gay in some sort of way".

However, despite having crushes on other men, Robbie hasn't been able to take his desires further than a crush as he "can't do the c***", admitting he doesn't even enjoy looking at his own manhood.

In a further statement, the singer joked he wished he was able to go further with his crushes as he would have enjoyed having "it on tap".

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