Jason Manford ‘warned’ by police after joke about asking daughter to dodge fare

Jason Manford was told by police `we’re watching you’ after admitting on Twitter he tried to get his daughter to lie about her age to dodge a rail fare.

The TV comic confessed he tried to persuade his six-year-old to pretend she was five so he would not have to buy her a train ticket.

But the youngster angrily refused. Manford, 40, tweeted: “Daughter, 6, resolutely refusing to say she’s 5 so I don’t have to pay for a train ticket is making me laugh so hard.

“She got angry at me for even suggesting it.

“She ended the conversation with: `I’ve worked hard to get here!’

"To where? 6? Proper belly laughs here!’’

The anecdote delighted his 375,400 followers – but also caught the attention of British Transport Police’s Greater Manchester branch.

They posted a Robert De Niro gif from the film Meet The Fockers along with the message: “We’re watching you Manford.’’

The bobbies added emojis of a pair of eyes and a train. Jason shared the post, adding: “Erm… well that backfired!

“S***! If anyone replied to this thread that they do the same with their kids! Delete tweet! Delete account!

“Wipe phone. Take out SIM. Snap it in half. Eat it. Break phone, drop in random bin.

“Get burner and call me to let me know you’re safe! @btpgtrmcr are on to us!’’ Train operator Avanti West Coast then replied with a disapproving, head-shaking Thomas The Tank Engine gif.

The comic, who has four children with first wife Catherine and two with current spouse Lucy, tweeted: “Oh god! Why are there so many snitches following me?

“Since when does stuff you do on social media backfire in such a way…oh, hang on!’’

The hilarious exchanges caught the attention of Jason's social media followers as they took to the post to comment on his faux pas.

One wrote: "Do you feel like the worst dad in the world now?"

Jason replied: "Awful! Basically teaching her that lying is okay if it saved you a few bob!"

Another added: "You wait until she starts reading the speedometer on the car and telling you that you're breaking the law."

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