Jeremy Vine ‘scared’ by anti-vaxxer protests as they target his family home

Jeremy Vine has confessed he felt “unnerved” after anti-vaxxers showed up at his family home and served his wife a ‘writ’ over the BBC’s support for the Covid vaccine.

The large group of people – who called themselves the ‘resistance’ – appeared at his front door in London on Sunday morning.

They wanted to issue a “notice of liability” and threatened to “take the street” if his wife Rachel Schofield didn’t accept the document on his behalf.

Doting dad Jeremy later shared the video on Twitter in response to the protest outside his family home while he was at work.

Alongside the video, he penned: “I’m not at home at the moment, so these guys just served an ‘anti-vaxx writ’ on my wife instead.

“They are angry at the BBC’s #CovidVaccine reporting. They were polite, for which I’m grateful, but coming to my home on a Sunday? And I'm a little unnerved by the heavy breathing too.”

Following his online post, another user shared a video from the incident over the weekend which pictured a large group of people gathering on the street near his house.

In the video, a voice can be heard saying the group would “take the whole street” if Jeremy didn’t answer his door.

The journalist tweeted in response: “I have only just seen this: if my wife hadn’t accepted the ‘anti-vaxx writ’ on my behalf, this group waiting near my house would then have ‘taken the whole street.’

“The original video shows street name and house number really clearly. Always happy to engage but not like this.”

In the first clip, a well-dressed man explained that their mission to issue the writ to the Surrey-native was successful.

He told the viewers: “That went better than expected so we don’t need to make a huge point.”

A voice behind the camera then said: “Fantastic, job done, guys, job done” as the group prepared to leave.

But in the accompanying video, which is thought to have been captured before the group approached the property, one of the group members can be heard saying they were going to knock on the TV presenter’s door to ‘hand over the notice.’

“If he just takes the notice, then we’re going to leave,” they shouted. “It’s all going to go off without incident, absolutely perfect.

“If he doesn’t open the door, what we’re going to do is we’re going to bring all the boards down.

"We’ve got all our yellow boards and we’re going to take the whole street with yellow boards and we’re going to wait for the police to arrive.

"When the police arrive, we’re going to get the police to assist us to deliver the notice of liability.”

In a third video, posted by the same group of people, claimed the protests were ‘peaceful and respectful.’

However, Jeremy followed up his post with a few screenshots of a group chat which seemingly appeared to be that of the protestors which included threatening messages.

He added: “These people are perhaps a little more scary than they are first appear.”

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