Jess Glynne Refuses to Feel Bad for Pulling Out of Isle of Wight Festival

After John Giddings blasted her for ‘letting people down’ with her last-minute cancellation, the ‘Hold My Hand’ singer explains in a lengthy post that her physical and mental health are important.

AceShowbizJess Glynne has blamed anxiety for her “Isle of Wight Festival” no-show, after bosses slammed the singer for “letting her fans down”.

The 29-year-old was due to perform at the music event on Sunday, June 16, but pulled out just 10 minutes before her scheduled slot. Her spokesperson later explained she was suffering from “exhaustion” after supporting the Spice Girls on their U.K. reunion tour, and the “Hold My Hand” star elaborated in a post on Instagram on Monday.

“I got ready and was about to head to stage but I just couldn’t do it. I was incredibly weak and full of anxiety,” she wrote. “I can’t help that my body sometimes gives up on me.”

“I am so, so gutted, sorry and upset that I couldn’t perform yesterday. The last thing I ever want to do is let people down, I am sorry to anyone who I upset, it was not my intention.”

While Jess was slammed by fans online for failing to perform at the event, the star continued to insist she “had to do what was right for my physical and mental health”.

“Kills me having to explain myself but I’ve just seen so much negativity online and in the press and it’s so frustrating,” she explained. “I refuse to be made to feel like a bad person.”

Jess’ statement came after “Isle of Wight Festival” boss John Giddings blasted the British singer for her “shocking” behaviour.

“She will never be booked to play the ‘Isle of Wight’ again. It shows no regards for people that bought a ticket. It’s so sad that an artist would do that to their fans. She’s let them down,” he told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

The publication also suggested Jess’ no-show could have been down to the fact she was partying with the Spice Girls until 7am on Sunday morning, following the group’s final performance at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night.

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