Kim Kardashian Makes Her Anticipated Cameo in Paris Hilton's 'Best Friend's A–' Music Video

The anticipated “Best Friend’s Ass” music video has arrived.

The video to Paris Hilton‘s new song features her longtime friend Kim Kardashian West, who the heiress has been spending more and more time with lately, Hilton, 38, told PEOPLE earlier this week.

The video for the song, which Hilton performs with DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, takes place in a night club and is all about friends empowering one another and ignoring “f—  boys,” Hilton said.

Several viral social media stars also make appearances in the video, including YouTubers Nikita Dragun and Juanpa Zurita, previous RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants — Derrick Barry and Nebraska — and singer-songwriter Chester Lockhart. UFC fighter Chuck Liddell and professional prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy also appear in the video.

Kardashian West, 38, stands in a strong pose with her hands on her hips for a few moments near the beginning of the video and then again at the end as Hilton approaches her. Both stars wear glamorous silvery dresses.

“All I see is f— boys everywhere trying to make a pass, but I can’t stop looking at my best friend’s ass,” Hilton sings in the song.

“When you listen to the lyrics it’s hilarious. I sent the song to Kim and she loved it,” Hilton said of the song, which was written by Vegas. “With a title like that, I, of course, had to have her in it.”

The video was directed by Charlotte Rutherford.

According to the video’s official description, it is “a satiric look on today’s VIP clubbing and social media life. When two fake Instagram-models enter the club and put on their ‘Insta-Goggles’, they transport themselves into a world of wild parties and ‘beautiful people’ popping bottles,’ ‘ballin’’ and ‘making it rain’ – while the viewer can see what’s really going on in a world of selfies, filters, fake followers and likes… sound familiar?”

Earlier this month, Hilton posted behind-the-scenes shots from filming the video with Kardashian West.

“So much on set of my #BestFriendsAss music video with my gorgeous girl @KimKardashian. ??????,” she captioned a photo on Instagram of the reality stars wearing the same dresses they wear in the video.

Hilton described the experience as a “fun night.”

“It’s these two girls who are going in the club and as soon as they put on these Instagram Goggles they go into an alternate universe and it’s this perfect world,” she told PEOPLE. “We went to Nightingale. It’s just a really fun night. Just basically showing reality versus the fake social media world. It looks like the most amazing party.”

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