Lady Gaga Fights for Compassion in 'Stupid Love' Video

Lady Gaga is back with brand new music — her first single since her acting turn in A Star Is Born and its mega-hit anthem “Shallow,” and her first non-theatrical music since her 2016 album, Joanne. In the fantastical new video for “Stupid Love,” Lady Gaga battles warring factions to establish a more compassionate world order. “All I ever wanted was love,” she sings.

The song opens with strings, but it quickly turns into a dance jam. Lady Gaga and her posse show up as the voice of reason as several groups fight and “freak out” as the refrain repeats. But in the end, the chorus wins out: “I want your stupid love,” she sings as everyone dances.

“Stupid Love” is the lead single from Gaga’s yet-to-be-announced sixth album. In 2019, her role in A Star Is Born earned her a best actress nod and an Oscar for Best Original Song for penning “Shallow.”

Outside of music, the pop star is set to star in Ridley Scott’s upcoming film about fashion house icon Guccio Gucci and the murder of his grandson and heir Maurizio; Gaga will portray Maurizio’s wife Patricia Reggiani. She also debuted a new makeup line, Haus Laboratories, for Amazon’s Prime Day sale.

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