Led Zeppelin Robert Plant’s life – £200m worth, sad deaths, Game Of Thrones snub

Rock legend Robert Plant has been delighting fans for over five decades since joining Led Zeppelin in 1968.

The music icons, whose huge hits including Stairway to Heaven have had generations of fans shredding their air guitars, are one of the most influnetial bands of all time.

Likewise, Robert Plant continues to wow audiences with his stellar performances – but did you know that he could have also landed a role in Game Of Thrones too?

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It is just one of the many interesting facts about Robert Plant, and here, Daily Star takes a closer look at his life as the rock star turns 74 years old today (August 20, 2022).

Eye-watering net worth

Robert rose to fame as the lead singer of one of the greatest rock bands of all time – Led Zeppelin.

Known for their hits including Whole Lot Of Love and Stairway To Heaven, the group toured across the world between 1968-1980 and released huge albums including their self-titled 1969 debut and In Through The Out Door in 1979.

One of the best selling bands of all time, with sales of between 200-300 million worldwide, the group disbanded following the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980.

They were later inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame in 1995 – with the group reuniting for a selection of performances throughout the years including Atlantic Records 40th anniversary and MTV's Un-Ledded special.

Robert Plant continues to tour, previously performing with groups including Band Of Joy, Sensational Space Shifters and Saving Grace.

He also regularly collaborates and tours with blues musician Alison Krauss.

It is no surprise then that across Robert's stellar career, the singer has amassed a huge estimated net worth of over £200m.

Heartbreaking loss

On September 25, 1980, Robert and his fellow Led Zeppelin bandmates suffered a heartbreaking loss after drummer John Bonham died suddenly.

The 32 year old was found unresponsive that morning, with a coroners report revealing that had suffered an accidental death, from what is known as pulmonary asphyxiation.

According to the inquest into his death, John had been drinking heavily in rehearsals and after falling asleep, choked on his own vomit.

The heartbreaking loss of their bandmate led the band to make the decision to discontinue, with Led Zeppelin releasing a statement two months later saying: "We wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend and the deep respect we have for his family, together with the sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were."

Robert has spoken about his friendship with John in later years, describing their close bond to the Belfast Telegraph.

He said: "He was an incredible character and so encouraging for me despite the fact he was always taking the mickey out of me and I loved him desperately," adding: "I do miss him."

Act of kindness

Robert was recently hailed "a good guy on and off stage" after a kind gesture to a Ukranian refugee at one of his shows in Poland.

Led Zeppelin super-fan Stanislav Tovstyi approached the singer at his hotel in the country, and told Robert that he had fled Ukraine, but that his musician son Max was still in the country.

Robert then took the Ukranian flag from Stanislav and promised to display it during his concerts, saying: "My heart is with you."

He added: "I support the Ukraine and wish you all the best."

The flag was later displayed in the centre of the stage during his concerts with Alison Krauss, with Stanislav's son Max telling Birmingham Mail: "Dad went to the hotel to try and see him as he didn’t have a ticket, but then later on, he was given a free one when the Polish people found out he was from Ukraine.

"Robert Plant is my favourite singer and obviously Led Zeppelin my number one band," adding: "He told my dad that his heart was with us and was happy to take the flag as he supported Ukraine and wished us the best."

Family life

Robert Plant met his ex-wife Maureen Wilson at a Georgie Fame concert in 1966, where they got to know each other after the gig was cancelled at the last minute.

They married over two years later on November 9, 1968 at the Roundhouse in London – where Led Zeppelin later performed that evening.

Maureen travelled on the road with Robert and the band, with the couple welcoming three children including Carmen in 1968, Karac in 1972 and Logan in 1979.

However, Robert suffered a tragic loss in 1977, after his five year old son Karac died from a stomach infection, while Led Zeppelin were on tour in America.

Speaking about losing his son, Robert told The Belfast Telegraph that John Bonham helped him to grieve following the death of his son, saying: "I came back, gathered what was left of the shards of the family and tried to put it together, I didn’t rally want to do anything after that.

"But time is time, momentum, encouragement, and kindness from everybody, especially John Bonham. He and his wife were really good for me and Maureen."

Robert and fellow Led Zep bandmember John Paul Jones later wrote the song All My Love For Karac in tribute to his son.

Maureen and Robert divorced in 1983, and the singer has not remarried in the years since.

Game of Thrones 'snub'

During an interview with Canadian broadcaster George Stroumboulopoulos, Robert revealed that he once turned down the opportunity to star in hit fantasy series Game Of Thrones.

He joked to the presenter: "I don't want to be typecast," and also admitted that he did not watch the show.

When asked what type of part he was offered in Game Of Thrones, his publicist replied off-camera that "It was undecided."

Robert later explained: "I thought I was gonna ride a horse and go…" before dramatically scowling for the camera.

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